Homeschool Programs

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies offers educational programs for homeschool families on birds and other nature-themed topics in the fall, winter and spring. Most programs are held in Brighton, Colorado, at the Bird Conservancy’s Environmental Learning Center or elsewhere at Barr Lake State Park, although sometimes we venture into the mountains for snowshoeing or other activities.

Homeschool programs are designed for multiple ages and ability levels and vary by program. We encourage older participants to be positive role models and mentors to younger homeschool students throughout all of the activities. Any children younger than the minimum age for the program are welcome to come along, but will not be directly included in activities. Parental supervision is required at all homeschool programs.

Upcoming Homeschool Programs 

Beautiful Birds 

Ages: 4 and up
When: Wednesday, September 26 • 9 – 11:00 a.m.
Cost: Adult $1, Child $5.  Click here to register. 
Location: Environmental Learning Center, 14500 Lark Bunting Lane, Brighton, CO

We will explore the unique features and adaptations of birds through observation and art. Participants will create a habitat drawing and make a model clay bird, and then have the opportunity to report out to their peers about where their bird lives, what it eats, and what adaptations help it survive in its habitat. Creativity is encouraged! We will also be going for a bird walk to explore the local birds of Barr Lake.

What Goes Hoot in the Night? 

Ages: 4 and up
When: Wednesday, October 24 • 7 – 8:30 p.m.
Cost: Adult $1,  Child $5.  Click here to register. 
Location: Environmental Learning Center, 14500 Lark Bunting Lane, Brighton, CO

Join us for an ecology night hike and learn all about the cool adaptations that animals have in order to survive and thrive during the night!


We do not accept walk-ins to homeschool programs.
Registration for homeschool programs will open one month before each program and will close 3 days prior to the scheduled program date.



For more information:
Stacey Monahan
Camp and Family Programs Coordinator
(303) 659-4348 x18
[email protected]